MICRO is the concrete answer to specific capacity needs of microenterprises and craft enterprises, especially those in rural areas, to grow and become competitive, also in the EU Single Markets.

The project stems from the demand for specific training tailored to the needs of microenterprises and craft-type enterprises identified by DG Enterprise “Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan-Reigniting Entrepreneurial Spirit in EU”, Jan 2013, and DG Enterprise , “Identification of Future Skills Needs in Micro &Craft(-Type) Enterprises Up To 2020”, 2011.

While accurate, capacity gaps and skills needed identified by these policy papers and documents need to be corroborated and better fine-tuned to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the training offer to be developed by the project, especially in consideration of the rural area dimension of the target group of users.

Hence the importance of MICRO to further identify specific skill and capacity needs by involving target group representatives in a thorough Capacity Gap Assessment involving at least 120 microenterprises and craft-type of enterprises (from rural areas / non-urban settlements) in the countries involved.

This will allow us to more properly address the specific capacity needs of target groups and develop the most appropriate training solutions.

Download MICRO Project Composite Report "Rural Micro and Craft Enterprise Entrepreneurs: Sustaining Rural Europe"

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