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Financial management
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 Unit 1: Cash Flow Essentials

[ Keywords: cash flow, finance, financial management ]

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Unit 1: Cash Flow Essentials
  Cash flow management
  Cash for agri-business
  Critical question
  An exercise From Manchester Science Enterprise Centre
  Your Cash Inflows
  Break even analysis
  Working Capital Cycle
  Three main statements
  Flow of Cash Through a Business
  Cash Flow (1/2)
  Cash Flow (2/2)
  Analysing Cash Flow
  Profit and Loss Statement
  Profit and Loss Details
  Balance Sheet
  Why do this ?

Cash flow management
  • is a process that involves collecting payments, controlling disbursements, covering shortfalls, forecasting cash needs, investing idle funds, and compensating the banks that support these actions. 
  • cash flow management requires coordination between treasury and operations. 
  • Technology and electronic systems for gathering diverse financial information and formatting it into useful reports for decision making.