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Pathways to market
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 Unit 1: Customer identification

[ Keywords: market analysis, customer identification ]

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Unit 1: Customers identification
  Customer profiling
  Drawing a Picture
  Analyse your customers
  Define specific demographics of your target
   Find out where your customers hang out and their lifestyle trends
  Analyse your product/service with respect to customer identification
  Focus on your most valuable customers
  Listen to what your customers are saying about your business and your competitors
  Continually review how valuable your existing customers are
  Customer trust
  Customer trust (continued)
  Find new customers
  Four simple ways to "buy" new customers (1 – 2)
  Four simple ways to "buy" new customers (3 – 4)


Customer identification helps you to sell more. The more you know about them and their needs, the easier it is to identify opportunities to sell them new products and target them with appropriate offers.

Profiling existing customers also makes it easier to find new ones. You can look for similar prospects, and sell to them in a similar way.

You can use the information you have on customers to improve efficiency. Keeping a central record of customer details and sales reduces errors and speeds up transactions.

You can also improve customer service. Better access to information helps you deal with customers more quickly. You can tailor product offerings and provide personalised treatment. The right information makes it easier to identify and resolve any problems.

Finally, customer identification helps your planning. You can predict what they will buy, and estimate how much stock you need. Linking customer management to purchasing can dramatically improve profitability.