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 Unit 4: Website creation and social networking

[ Keywords: Website, social networking ]

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Unit 4: Website creation and social networking
  Website Creation 1
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  Website Creation 5
  Social Networking 1
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  Social Networking 3
  Social Networking 4
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  Tutorial 1
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Website Creation 1

 Websites are nothing more than tools and it is up to you to make them useful. The content and structure you choose for your website must take into account three extremely important criteria, namely: usability, user-friendliness and accessibility. It goes without saying that your website must reflect your brand image, and it is always interesting to use good photos and videos of your rural activities instead of stock photos.


On your website you will need to define clearly your services/products, messages and targets. Be careful because there are different types of public for any enterprise: buyers, prescriptors, institutional audiences and general public, and your website will have to address all different kind of public. Your users should not get lost.