1. Please define your agency/organisation and …

  Craft &/or Micro-enterprise
  Craft &/or Micro-enterprise in rural area
  Craft &/or Micro-entrepreneurship facilitator
  None of the above
2. … are you a rural entrepreneur?

3. Did you engage in any enterprise/business/craft training in the last 12 months?

4. Please specify training topic(s)? (Topic most vital to your enterprise 1st and in order of importance thereafter: Up to 4) or tick Not Applicable

1. Why
2. Why
3. Why
4. Why
5. Not Applicable, I did not engage in any training in the last 12 months
5. Select and rate, most to least, reason(s) for not engaging in any training?

Main reason(s) for not engaging in any training? (Select and grade most relevant (1) to least relevant (4) as appropriate) 1 Most Relevant 2 More Relevant3 Less Relevant4 Least Relevant5 Does not Apply
  Limited training offered in my area
  Training offered not relevant to my micro-enterprise
  Direct costs/charges/fees for training too high
  Indirect costs, e.g. Loss staff members’ time, too high
  Training not appropriate for rural entrepreneurs
  Training not appropriate for start-up micro-enterprises
  Method of training delivery not suitable
  Other1 (Specify)
  Other2 (Specify)
6. Select relevant training topics from list below that could help your enterprise become more competitive and grow? (Select/click training topics most relevant to you first and follow with clicks to lesser relevant. Do not click on boxes of training topics NOT RELEVANT to you)

  Business planning/budgeting, management skills for rural micro-enterprises
  EU Single Market opportunities for rural micro-enterprises
  Financial management in micro-enterprises
  Access to non-grant finance for micro-enterprises in rural areas
  EU programme awareness/grants for rural micro-enterprise
  Building capacity in rural micro-enterprises
  Marketing/promotion and E-commerce
  EU procurement/tenders as opportunities for micro-enterprises
  Pathways2market and customer identification for rural micro-enterprise products
  ICT literacy skills for rural micro-enterprises
  Climate change/environmental consequence impact
  EU wide tools and resources for rural micro-enterprise development
  Other1 (Specify)
  Other2 (Specify)
7. Please suggest other training topics that, in your opinion, should be considered to support the capacity building of microenterprise entrepreneurs in rural areas. Add any other comment you wish related to rural enterprise nd micro-enterprise development

8. Please suggest improvements to training that, in your opinion, should be considered for rural craft & micro-enterprise entrepreneurs to enhance their competitiveness

9. Optional: please tell us something more about you

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