EEO Group S.A organized the Multiplier Event in Greece about the MICRO Project

EEO Group S.A successfully organized the Multiplier Event in the rural area of Larissa about the MICRO Project, a co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, Key Action 2, Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training.
During the event a productive and fruitful discussion conducted regarding the objective of the MICRO Project and other crucial issues for the rural sector. The Project Manager Mrs. Maria Moschou presented in a thorough way the MICRO Project and the training material, which is its main output. This project has changed the approach of the micro-entreprises in rural areas by addressing the training needs of the employees.
Moreover, all the relevant stakeholders (from local and regional authorities, rural entrepreneurs, educators from rural sector, policy makers) had the chance to analyze in depth major issues for the rural development such as rural entrepreneurship, problems and opportunities in the rural sector, social entrepreneurship and how they could increase their effectiveness in their business.
Micro-entreprises play a fundamental role in the rural economy and the 57 participants posed important questions, analyzing all the aspects of rural development.
EEO Group S.A was responsible for the Coordination of the Training Modules Development. As a leading management and consulting company EEO Group S.A aims to maximize its impact on the labor market through innovative educational modules and to raise awareness for important issues by organizing a constructive Workshop.